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Little Angel Adoptions opened our doors in 1999 after Jim and Deb Handy started the adoption process, little did they know they were embarking on more than a personal journey. Finding a void in personal attention for Birth Mothers and Adoptive Parents, Little Angel Adoptions was born. They built a team of adoptive parents and families that believes “Every Child Deserves to have a Wonderful Life”. While Jim has been doing the legal portion of adoptions across the United States, Deb, Jennifer, Dawn and Khimm have been helping Birth Mothers find the perfect adoptive parents for their “Little Angel.” As Adoptive Parents ourselves who had all the hopes and fears as everyone else, we met and loved our Birth Mother from the beginning. We are able to help both Birth Mothers and Adoptive Parents see through their fears and build healthy Adoptive Parent and Birth Mother relationships. Whether you want a little contact, a lot of contact or none, we can help. We believe every adoption is unique and work very hard to listen and tailor the process to meet your needs.


Little Angel Adoptions
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RSVP:Please call Khimm (916)941-8120 or email khimm@littleangeladoptions.com to setup your free one on one meeting.


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